Deaf Services and the Deaf Society produce Aged Care Rights Video

Deaf Services and the Deaf Society has collaborated with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to produce a video resource explaining Aged Care Rights to senior Australians who use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to communicate. 

The eight-minute video, delivered in Auslan, outlines the Australian Government’s Charter of Aged Care rights relevant to home, community and residential care. 

Deaf Services and the Deaf Society CEO, Brett Casey outlined the importance of this resource to Deaf seniors.  

“This video, and our collaboration with the Commission, continues one of our key organisational aims - to ensure Deaf Australians of all ages receive equitable access to information,” Mr Casey said. 

“Our valued senior community members deserve dignity in accessing information and this video ensures our senior Deaf community members are empowered and connected.” 

The resource is a great example of how cross-collaboration between organisations can deliver improved resources. 

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner, Janet Anderson PSM, says these videos highlight a commitment to ensuring inclusiveness in the provision of information and resources for senior Australians receiving aged care. 

“The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is pleased to be able to support the development of this resource to help senior Australians who use Auslan to understand their right to be properly looked after, treated well and given high quality care and services,” Ms Anderson said. 

The video was developed through Ageing Well, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society’s aged care program and was developed with funding from the Queensland Government, as part of a larger series of video resources promoting healthy and active ageing. 

To view the videos, go here: https://www.deafservices.org.au/services/Ageing-Well/Video-resources 

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