NDIS Stories: Eva (Part Two)


NDIS Stories: Eva (Part TWO) 

In part two of Eva's video series we find out more about the greatest gift the NDIS has given her and what her plans are for her future. 


"I am very lucky through NDIS to have access to a Support Coordinator to help me understand the NDIS process more and to help me gain more out of my experience."


The biggest support I've received so far from NDIS was actually waterproof hearing aids and something that I had actually always wanted to do was be in and around water and especially with the dolphins. 

That was a very big dream come true last year in January 2017, I was able to finally use waterproof hearing aids funded by NDIS and when I went underwater I could hear Bella the dolphin that I spent a lot of time with whistling.


"It was something very magical something I couldn't hear before having waterproof hearing aids so yeah that's probably the best thing the NDIS could have ever given me."


NDIS has also supported me with skills development outside of schooling so I have access to interpreters for example my tennis. I have supports for interpreting so I can hear from the other side of the court.

With tennis I enjoy, I would say the atmosphere just being outside being active.

Here at Hawk-Eye it is a very fun place to be everyone's very encouraging, everybody is just so supportive and understandable of my hearing and I'm always welcome, everybody, I guess you could say we're like a family but yeah it's a very supportive environment and I just love being here.

My dream goal in the future is to definitely go to university after the end of Grade 12 and I do want to study at uni. And after uni I am hoping for a long term goal is to work with dolphins, it has been a goal of mine since I was 7.

I hope in the future that NDIS can help more people like me with my hearing and I think if they did it would be absolutely incredible because there are so many people out there who don't get the support that they do and I'm just very lucky that I get the support I do.


"It will change your life and it has for me."



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