The  NDIA will assess each person’s situation one by one. Deaf Services Queensland does not decide how much support you get. NDIS decides how much support you get.

How do I know if I am eligble for NDIS?

To get support from NDIS you must:                                                     

  • Be under 65 years of age
  • Live in Australia and be an Australian citizen, or you have paper work that lets you live in Australia permanently
  • Have a life-long disability (Deaf) that impacts how you manage everyday life meaning you need help from people or special equipment.
  • The NDIS will also need to have started in your area

How will I access the NDIS?

You will need to give information to NDIS, one way is filling in a form or over the phone.  If you get support now your service may be able to give the NDIA your information. When NDIA gets your information NDIA will let you know if you can access NDIS or not access. Then NDIA will tell you what to do next.