The NDIS will pay for support that is reasonable (fair) and necessary (needed) to reach your goals.  

Reasonable and necessary support can be given in eight different areas:

  • Daily living
  • Home
  • Health and Well-being
  • Lifelong learning
  • Work
  • Social and Community Participation
  • Relationships
  • Choice and Control

This can include interpreting, translation or hearing equipment. If you need extra help with with things like having a shower and getting to and from places and managing your money, this can be added in your plan.

What does reasonable and necessary mean?

Reasonable and necessary are supports and services the NDIS will pay for. These supports and services are the things that will help you be involved in the community and employment. 

This means things like an interpreter to go a Doctor's appointment, interpreter to come to your work or interpreter to come to a community event. Also equipment like hearing aids or smoke alarms can be added to your Plan.  NDIS will also pay for you to learn Auslan or for your family to learn Auslan.

If you need help to manage your money, understand your housing and rent or to cook meals the NDIS may also pay for these things. Maybe you need help with household tasks and modifications? NDIS can also put this in your Plan.

What else will NDIS help with?

Even if you are not eligible for individual funding the NDIS can support you to access the mainstream and community supports. This means the NDIS can help you find other services and supports that can help you even if the NDIS can’t. 

What won't the NDIS pay for?

The NDIS won’t pay for services that are available for all Australians, like Doctors and Teachers.  It will not pay for bills like rent, electricity and phone. It will not pay for support that is NOT related to your disability.

For example, if you have to go to Hospital, that Hospital will need to organise an interpreter for you. The Education Department is still responsible for providing interpreters at school. Centrelink, the courts and Police will need to supply interpreters for you.