Who can access the Early Childhood Early Intervention approach?

  1. Live in an area where the NDIS ECEI approach is available
  2. Aged 0 – 6 years old
  3. Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident OR you have a special visa
  4. Meet early intervention eligibility requirements:
  • Your child has one or more identified impairments that are, or are likely to be permanent
    or Your child has developmental delay
  • Providing early intervention supports is likely to reduce the child’s future needs for support
  • Early intervention supports is likely to benefit the child
  • Early intervention is most appropriately funded through the NDIS and not else where

How do I access the Early Childhood Early Intervention Approach?

You can self-refer to an early childhood partner, or obtain a referral from GPs, paediatricians, early childhood nurses or other allied health providers.  The first step to getting a plan is contacting the early childhood partner in your area.

  1. Family meets with early childhood partner
  2. Early childhood partner determines support for child and family and may include:
  • Information services, emotional support or referral to mainstream service
  • Short to medium terms support or longer term intensive support

If more intensive supports are required the steps are:

  1. Determine eligibility through access requirements
  2. Early childhood partner will support family to complete a plan to submit to NDIA
  3. NDIA delegate approved the plan

When plan approved, family can choose early intervention providers that they wish to use.