ECEI (Early Childhood Early Intervention) is not diagnosis-based and is aimed at providing a holistic range of supports and intervention as early as possible to children who may be showing signs of delay or where early intervention will increase long term participation the community.

It is expected to deliver outcomes that support participation in mainstream settings like childcare centres or education from commencement of school. The ECEI approach places a strong focus on family-centred planning and transdisciplinary support, and enables support to be accessed quickly and easily in a child’s familiar everyday environments (home, childcare, playgroup, sporting and community activities).

Once a child is 6 they will need to go through the access requirements like any other participant of the NDIS.

What is Transdisciplinary Support?

A team of collaborative professionals from different disciplines sharing responsibility for planning and implementing services to children and their families. Families are valued members of this team.

Why is Early Childhood different from the rest of the NDIS?

Evidence tells us that timely, comprehensive and well integrated early intervention support leads to better longer-term outcomes for inclusion and participation.   Children who get support for early intervention may not need support from the scheme long term.

What is an Early Childhood Partner?

Early childhood partners are specialist early childhood intervention providers in local communities.  They undertake holistic assessment of children and their families. They support families to find and access appropriate resources and support, including specialist intervention and mainstream services.