Deaf Services and the Deaf Society are registered with the NDIS and offer Plan Management in Auslan and English - giving Deaf and hard of hearing NDIS participants complete choice, control and understanding over their NDIS funding. 


What is Plan Management? 

Plan Management is a service funded through the NDIS, where a Plan Manager helps manage part of your NDIS plan for you. This includes collecting invoices and paying bills from your NDIS funds.  


What does a Plan Manager do? 

Deaf Services and the Deaf Society has a team of Plan Managers who can:  

  • Communicate with you in Auslan or English
  • Translate your NDIS plan into Auslan 
  • Pay your service providers 
  • Help you keep track of NDIS funds 
  • Do your monthly financial reporting 
  • Work with you to understand your specific needs 
  • Help you choose the best way to manage your funds 


How much does it cost? 

Plan Management is a service funded through the NDIS. The line items used for Plan Management in your NDIS package are: 

14_033_0127_8_3 Plan Management and Financial Capacity Building – set up costs 

14_034_0127_8_3 Plan Management Financial Administration - Monthly fee 


How to get started

Fill in the form below and the Plan Management team will be in touch to help you take control of your NDIS funding.




You can also contact us at:

Phone:  07 3892 8597  

SMS/FaceTime: 0429 773 082 


Skype: DS_Plan Manager 


What our clients have to say

I found out about the NDIS through a flyer at the Deaf Services office in Brisbane. I asked what it was and one of the support workers explained it for me. I was stressed about how I would manage my funding but since choosing Deaf Services and the Deaf Society to manage it, the process has been so much easier. I have control over where I spend my funding, and if I am ever confused about anything I can always ask them.

- Raelyn Watson (Auslan user)
My Plan Manager at Deaf Services and the representative from the NDIS are great people to work with. They have helped me get a better pathway to the better version of myself within society.

- Schantel Bannon (Hard of Hearing)
Deaf Services and the Plan Management team have been so helpful to me! I have no complaints. This is my choice, and I am happy!

- Anonymous (Hard of Hearing)