Life Enrichment Grant Winner: Elliot Miller

Congratulations to Elliot Miller, one of two recipients of a 2018 Life Enrichment Grant! Elliot is a Brisbane-based Software Designer, and has received $5000 to further develop his app Hearoes. We caught up with Elliot to find out how the grant will help him, and what Hearoes is all about.


What is Hearoes and how will a Life Enrichment Grant help its development?

Hearoes is an auditory training app for people of all ages with a cochlear implant designed to help them learn or re-learn sounds in a comfortable and self paced environment. It contains activities across three modules: environmental sounds, identifying words and sentence and narratives.

It is currently at an early stage, but we have received amazing and positive feedback from people in the Deaf community as well as those involved with rehabilitation. This Life Enrichment Grant will help to significantly develop Hearoes into a polished and professional app which will be ready to use early next year, thanks to the wonderful support of Deaf Services.


How did you come to apply for the Life Enrichment Grant?

I found out about the Life Enrichment Grant through a friend of mine after telling them about the project I was working on. As I’ve always wanted to help others with hearing loss and the challenges they face, I felt the Life Enrichment Grant would provide a prefect opportunity to do that.


Why did you create Hearoes?

I have severe hearing loss in my right ear and profound hearing loss in the other. I had originally grown up with two hearing aids until 2013 when received a cochlear implant in my left ear. My family travelled a lot and I attended over 10 different schools growing up. I found this stage of life very challenging, especially being the only hard of hearing person at most of the schools I attended, along with learning a whole new lifestyle and environment. 




The aim of Hearoes is to help those of all ages who are going through the rehabilitation process feel confident with learning new sounds and words. I also hope it provides a benefit to the communities who are involved in auditory rehabilitation. 

Looking back, I feel that I’m really fortunate to have had my life experience as it really taught me a lot about myself and shaped me to be who I am today, especially my fascination with creativity and design, and how we can learn through play.

Find our more about Elliot's app at games4hearoes.com


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