Interview with Cynthia Blackmore - Deaf Services Art Show 2018 Winner

The promising young artist Cynthia Blackmore visited Deaf Services Queensland to share her story and her prespective on arts.


Cynthia, what inspired you to start painting?

I remember in Grade 2 I drew a baby with dirty nappies and other still drawings of food. This first encounter with art inspired me to draw. I just love the creativity and I guess it’s just me in my own world when I am painting.

How much of your time is dedicated to this talent of yours?

I spend as much time as I can, drawing in the dining room. I enjoy being busy, rather than just sitting and doing nothing.

Do you have any family members or friends who are as artistic as you?

My dad and his sister draw as well, but it is mainly me in the family that is very dedicated to art. Most of the talent I have is self-taught.

Have you been able to connect with other artists at the Deaf Services Art Show?

Yes, I previously met the other two winners, Patrick Phillip and Ian Milton, at the Deaf Camp. I remember having a bit of a chat with them and I enjoyed talking to them and exchanging artist knowledge. I am still at awe about what they can do with paintbrush.

Has the Deaf Services Art Show helped you to engage with other members of the Deaf community?

I love these kind of events and initiatives as I was raised a hearing world and attended a hearing school. Being able to connect to other Deaf community members and chatting about Deaf stories is very important for me.

What are you working on at the moment?

I just finished an old man on commission. I am mostly working on animals and portraits at the moment.

As the winner of the Deaf Services Art Show, do you have any tips for other artists?

Stick to what you love doing and experiment a bit. Bring your own feelings and thoughts on paper.


After winning 1st prize at the Deaf Services Art Show 2018, Cynthia provided her stunning artwork to Deaf Services Queensland for display. The charcoal drawing can be viewed in the foyer of Deaf Services Queensland's office in Moorooka, 4061 Qld.

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