Meet Jonathan: Life Skills Facilitator

Jonathan Mackenzie is a Life Skills Facilitator for Deaf Services in Townsville and he helps clients who are deaf, improve their knowledge and empower them to do things independently in future. Find out what support Deaf Services' staff like Jonathan can provide you under the NDIS. 

Hi. My name is Jonathon Mackenzie and I work for Deaf Services.

I work as a Life Skills Facilitator which means I help clients who are deaf, improve their knowledge and empower them to do things independently in the future.

The skills may include using the Relay Service or other things, I generally help them with by discussing what they need to do before starting the particular process.


"I want to be able to help my clients with

understanding the NDIS."


Firstly, to be able to explain the paperwork or assisting them with logging onto MyGov.

Seeing everything on the computer may give them a clearer picture rather than trying to follow all the paper forms.



What can the NDIS do for you?

In the past when deaf people needed to go somewhere, for example the doctor, they would have to organise their own support and it was quite expensive.

Then with the NDIS it was announced that they would provide funding to cover the types of support that people needed to attend their appointments – the service that deaf people need the most being interpreting.

Yes interpreting would be a priority, but it can be quite expensive.


"The NDIS can provide funding for interpreting...we advocate for funding for various types of appointments."


Interpreting can be provided via Video Relay or Face to Face or if the appointment is of a more serious nature an interpreter may be flown in for a job such as a court appearance depending on the client’s needs.

Even for things I may need myself.

We are grateful for the NDIS giving us these funds to enable us to do all these things because without the NDIS it would be like in the past where we would not have the access and possibly have to survive on the pension and struggle financially and not know what to do.

Thankyou NDIS for the funding that gives us the opportunity to access things we need especially interpreting which is so important to the whole deaf community.


To find out more about the NDIS and what support Deaf Services can provide to you or your family member please contact us ndis@deafservices.org.au or visit the NDIS section of our website.

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