Staff Profiles: Lloyd



Meet Lloyd, who has worked with Deaf Services for over 25 years.


Lloyd works across Ageing Well and Lifestyle Support, and works tirelessly with the Deaf community as an Activity Planner, Support Worker and Volunteer Program Coordinator. 

"I joined Deaf Services back in 1995. My first job was as a casual support worker. I then applied for a job as employment consultant and got the job."

Lloyd is always first in to help out if another team member is absent or sick, and is happy to drop what he is doing so a client is never left without support.

Lloyd says his favourite part of the job is working with clients through Deaf Services' Ageing Well program, ensuring Deaf and hard of hearing seniors maintain a connection to their community through group activities such as games, outings and excercise programs. 

Into the future, Lloyd envisions the wider community understanding the needs of Deaf and hard of hearing Australians of all ages and abilities.

"Deaf Services will need to grow, especially in regards to our NDIS packages, and Ageing Well programs," Lloyd says. "I would also like to see the wider community acknowledging the work of a specialist organisation such as ours, who works with Deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind and parents of Deaf children."


The Ageing Well service improves the quality of life, independence and personal well-being of Deaf and hard of hearing seniors through supporting their daily activities, encouraging social participation, community connectedness and ensuring their environmental safety.​

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