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With an increasingly ageing population, services providing support and independence to senior Australians are becoming more and more important. For Deaf and hard of hearing seniors, the need is even more acute, with language and cultural barriers often contributing to isolation and a deterioration of mental and physical health.

Here at Deaf Services, we are proud to offer Ageing Well, a high-quality support service designed exclusively for Deaf and hard of hearing seniors, improving quality of life, independence and personal well-being.



Pictured: Dot having a chat with Lloyd, an Ageing Well support worker and activity planner.


One of our newest clients is Dot, who joined us as a client in February 2019. Dot proudly lives independently, but has found as she gets older that daily tasks have become more challenging. An Ageing Well team member visits Dot each week to assist her with domestic activities such as cleaning, cooking and general home maintenance.

As well as this, we help Dot deal with important correspondence. We recently assisted her in updating a complex series of annual rental documents, as well as Home Care forms to ensure she continues to receive the very best support.



Pictured: Dot filling out forms with the help of Lloyd and Ageing Well Support Planner Rowner.


Ageing Well Support Planner Rowner Fuifui says the well-being of every client is always the number one priority.

“Every one of our clients is a unique human,” she says, “and supporting them to continue to do the things they love is the best way to promote continued happiness, social connection and personal growth.”

Dot recently decided she didn’t have the confidence behind the wheel to keep driving so our team provide transport to medical appointments and social outings. Dot was especially disappointed to not have the independence to attend the monthly meetings of the Brisbane Deaf Seniors group. With our support, Dot can now attend these events again.



Pictured: Lloyd helping out Dot with her cleaning.


All Ageing Well support workers and activity planners recognise the importance of their clients remaining connected to their community through social activities and outings.

Ageing Well Manager Leena Vuorinen says her team is always committed to going above and beyond. “Our support is always centred on what our clients need. Only they can tell us this.”



Pictured: Dot, one of Ageing Well's many independent, active and connected clients.


Ageing Well improves the quality of life, independence and personal well-being of Deaf and hard of hearing seniors through supporting their daily activities, encouraging social participation, community connectedness and ensuring their environmental safety. Find out more HERE.

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