Miguel’s Novel Approach

Deaf author Miguel Boura has just released his debut book Eraser. We caught up with him to find out more about it. 


Miguel Bora is a 26 year-old IT consultant from Brisbane who also raises guide dogs. If that wasn’t enough, he has also just released his debut novella, Eraser.  

Taking its inspiration from Steig Larssen’s international bestseller The Girl with the Spider’s Web, Miguel’s book is a gripping “cybercrime thriller” featuring three detectives all with very different motives for wanting to solve a case. 




Miguel says writing has always interested him, and he approached the challenge of writing a longer narrative in a single-minded way.  

“Ever since I won a writing competition at 16 with a short story, I developed a strong love for writing, but it was only after turning 20 that I decided to formally write my first novella.” 

In a timeline that most writers only dream about, Miguel wrote the first draft of Eraser in only one month. In a development that many writers are familiar with, the novella sat on Miguel’s computer “for years” until he engaged an editor and began the process of publishing it. 

“I challenged myself, and resolved to write a chapter a night,” he says. “I wrote with no distractions, and also set a time limit.” 




While all Miguel’s stories have featured hearing characters, he says writing a deaf character would be “a fun challenge.” 

“I identify as deaf,” says Miguel, “but I mix my communication methods with friends and family. In regard to my academic and sporting achievements, I didn’t let my deafness affect me.” 

Miguel is currently working on a new book, unconnected to Eraser but dealing with similar themes, in particular the Dark Web. 

“I hope Eraser will allow readers to think outside the box,” says Miguel.  

Eraser is published as en eBook, and is available on a number of websites. See here for details: https://books2read.com/u/3RKvwR  

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