Meet Nicole from Hear for Kids

Meet Speech Language Pathologist Nicole Zurillo


Nicole Zurillo is our Hear for Kids North Qld Service Coordinator. We asked her to chat about her work and what Hear for Kids can offer families wherever they live and whatever their needs. 

Hi, my name is Nicole. I am a Speech Language Pathologist and have been part of Hear for Kids for four years. 

I joined Deaf Services and the Deaf Society after meeting another Speech Language Pathologist who worked there, and after completing an introductory Auslan course, where I fell in love with Deaf language and culture. 

It only took a week for me to realise it was the right place for me! I loved the clients and their families as well as the great atmosphere in the office. 

I work with deaf and hard of hearing infants, children and adults. I support people to communicate effectively with their friends, family and within their general community. I also support people to access assistive technology to improve their communication and safety in all environments. I believe everyone has a right to communicate in a way that is right for them. 




One of the reasons I love my job is because of the variety I have every day. I see clients in the clinic, at daycare or school, at their work or in their home. I also connect with clients who live in other towns over video conferencing or during my monthly visits to Mackay. I get to see infants all the way up to adults in their senior years. 

I enjoy getting to connect with my clients and their families. Every family is different, and I think it is important that we individualise our services to suit every client and their families. 

The past year has been challenging for many people, but as our North Queensland team has always offered therapy services over video conferencing, our work was largely unaffected, and we were able to continue our services uninterrupted. 

I think it actually allowed more people to find out about our services, and spread awareness of the benefit of accessing services over video conferencing. 

More families are deciding to access our therapy services virtually, as it is often more flexible with their lifestyle. 

Flexibility of support is what we’re all about. At Hear for Kids we always take a family-centred approach. We recognise the importance of developing language and communication in a way that is right for our clients and their families. 

As a result, our services are flexible and can be adapted to suit everyone’s individual needs. We can support people to access assistive technology to improve their communication and safety in all environments. 

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