Auslan Connections Freelance Interpreter - Adele Greedy-Vogel

For Freelance Interpreter Adele Greedy-Vogel, a career in Auslan interpreting has been everything she’d hoped for and much more! 

Adele is a “big C CODA (Child of Deaf Adults)”, born to two deaf parents who communicated using Auslan, with Deaf culture and Auslan being central to her childhood world. 

After attending bilingual (Auslan/English) schools in Sydney and Brisbane, Auslan would continue to be a large part of Adele’s life. Despite this, interpreting was not something she initially considered. 

“I never really expected to become an interpreter,” she says. “but the idea began when I was working in early childhood and integrating Auslan into my teaching.” 

With her skill set, Adele was soon recruited as an Educational Interpreter. After a few years in this role, however, she set her sights on greater goals, beginning a Diploma of Interpreting with Access Training & Education.  

“Through the Diploma, I learned more about Auslan than I ever had before – why you sign things in certain ways through to grammar and structure – the kind of things you learn in school with English, but that I’d never had a chance to learn about my original language. It was fantastic.” 

Today, Adele works as a Certified English/Auslan Interpreter, and says it’s a role that rewards her in new ways every day. 

“What I enjoy most is the fact that every day is different and you have the opportunity to learn something new. You’ll find yourself in situations where you’re learning new terminology, or educational content or even a Shakespeare script!” 

As for whether Auslan interpreting is a role for others to consider, Adele is unequivocal. 

“I would absolutely recommend interpreting, particularly as it gives you a lot of flexibility.” 


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