Deaf Seniors Interpreting Workshops coming to a town near you!


There is now free sign language interpreting available for Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people over 65 that live anywhere in Australia. This program is available through Auslan Connections.  

Auslan Connections have announced that in early 2022, they will be delivering 35 workshops across Australia for over 65s focusing on two things: 

  1. Information about the free interpreting service and how to book 
  2. Training on VRI and using different devices. 

Workshop locations (map): 


When Auslan Connections provides more information about the workshops in coming weeks, it will be important to make sure all of your friends and family are aware of this service and can learn how to comfortably use your devices to connect to VRI.  

If you cannot attend a workshop, we will have an online session and also make this information available on USB for you to view. 

Details on the online session and how to get a USB copy of the information will be provided in a later update as we get closer to the delivery of the workshops.   

More information about the free interpreting program:  

  • You can use an interpreter for a whole range of activities, such as going to the shops, meeting up with friends or family, or even for your trip to the bank  
  • You can book an interpreter face-to-face or through Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)   
  • It's available 7 days a week (after-hours when required)   
  • To access the service please contact Auslan Connections using your preferred communication style  
  • SMS  
  • FaceTime  
  • Skype  
  • Email  
  • Call  

To make a booking you must contact Auslan Connections: Auslan Connections Contact us - Auslan Connections 

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