On 17 January 2021, Deaf Services and the Deaf Society lost our friend and colleague, Leonie Jackson. Deaf Services and the Deaf Society’s official statement regarding this can be found here.

Leonie will be remembered as one of the strongest and most influential advocates for Australia’s Deaf community in recent history. Her passing is an incredible loss to our organisation, and the Deaf community at large.

Equality in education for Deaf children was a passion of Leonie’s. She was a pioneer of bilingual Deaf education in Australia and throughout her teaching, corporate and not-for-profit  career Leonie championed the rights of Deaf children. Deaf Services and the Deaf Society is working to ensure that Leonie’s legacy lives on in our work.

For community members who want to assist Deaf Services in this mission, and pay their respects to Leonie, all donations to Deaf Services and the Deaf Society between 17 January and 1 April 2021 will be directed to; The Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund for bilingual Deaf education.

The Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund for bilingual Deaf education will support future projects for Deaf children and teachers - with the goal of ensuring equality in educational standards for all children, no matter their language preferences. 

Deaf Services and the Deaf Society have kickstarted the fund with a $20,000 contribution and have begun the process of identifying the foundation projects which this fund will support. 

Please Note: If you are donating from outside of Australia, please add the Deaf Services address to your donation (915 Ipswich Road, Moorooka QLD 4105) so you can proceed to payment.


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