If you are Deaf or hard of hearing and over 65, you can receive free interpreters for your next social activity. 
Deaf Services is excited to announce that under a new federal government scheme there is now free sign language interpreting available for Australians who are Deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing and over 65. This interpreting service, through Auslan Connections, is to support participation in social and essential activities. 

What can it be used for? 

  • Banking, finances, superannuation and budget 
  • Downsizing, selling or moving home 
  • Online activities and meetings 
  • Social activities such as weddings, funerals, family reunions, theatre, seniors activities and clubs or groups 
  • Events 
  • Talking to your internet and phone provider 

Services available include, face to face and video remote interpreting (VRI). Services are available 7-days per week. 

For more information, visit Auslan Connections website.