What can the NDIS do for you? Cheryl's Story.


What can the NDIS do for you? This Cheryl's story.

I was born deaf but grew up in a hearing environment culturally.

Because I can’t hear what people are saying I write notes to communicate, to try and understand. It takes a long time to gain any understanding of what a person is trying to tell me.

When I first started with the NDIS I had never previously had use of an interpreter or received any supports, but with the help of the NDIS I can receive support and access to interpreters to help me. 

I feel confident now where in the past I wasn’t confident and couldn’t do a lot I would accept my situation as it was, but now with the NDIS I can stand up for my rights and that makes me feel good. I have a better future now that I can do things for myself.

I don’t rely on my family anymore, because I am becoming independent through learning and understanding. My family don’t really understand about the Deaf Culture.

If you want help go to the NDIS they will support you. For me life in the past wasn’t great, but now I have confidence and that makes me feel better because I am supported. 

If you have several goals in your life that you would like to achieve, you can tell the NDIS so that your life can improve for a better future!


Do you want to join Cheryl and the other Deaf and hard of hearing participants benefiting from Deaf Services’ NDIS support?

As a registered NDIS Provider, Deaf Services is already delivering  a range of supports all over Queensland.

Our CommUNITY team works with all in-coming NDIS participants and can act as your guide throughout of the process - helping you to get the most out of plan. 

If you are just beginning with the NDIS roll out in your area, or if you are already renewing your plan, contact Deaf Services for NDIS support: 

You can send a quick request for more information here

Email: ndis@deafsq.org.au
Phone: 07 3892 8500
Fax: 07 3892 8511
TTY: 07 3892 8501


What kind of supports are available?

Deaf Services is registered to provide support for all members of the community, including: 

  • Auslan interpreting; including interpreting via Video Remote Interpreting, Captioning and more.
  • Plan Management; including Financial and Service Intermediary supports as well as monthly maintenance and processing.
  • Support Coordination assistance.
  • Training and skills development.
  • Auslan or signed English training for participants and their families.
  • Life skills development.
  • Assistance with self-care, personal domestic activities, sleep care and more for people with a disability who use sign language to communicate.


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