Course code: PSP50916 - Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English)

PSP50916 - Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English) will develop your skills and knowledge to interpret in general dialogue settings with the potential to interpret in general monologue settings.






Students may be individuals who have an interest in becoming interpreters to work typically in the general community services field, including general health, welfare, education, and customer and community information services.

For detailed information about this course, you can access the Course Guide here.


Fees and funding information

As part of the Queensland VET Investment program, the Queensland Government provides Access Training & Education (ATE) access to funding under the Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Level Skills programs.

Where you are eligible for funding and have your enrolment approved, you are required to pay a co-contribution fee to ATE as a contribution to the cost of training and assessment services.

Where you are not eligible for funding and have your enrolment approved, your are required to pay the full fee for the qualification.


  • Co-contribution fee (non-concessional): $2,200.00
  • Co-contribution fee (concessional): $1,100.00
  • Qualification full fee: $5,500.00

You can view the funding eligibility criteria here.

For a breakdown of the fees at a unit of competency level, see the Program Factsheet relevant to your course of choice.

ATE will send you a first invoice upon enrolment for the first unit(s) of competency being delivered during the course.

You can access the Fees and Refund Policy here or in the Student Handbook.

Certification documentation will not be issued until all fees have been paid.


entry requirements

There are no occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements applicable to this qualification at the time of publication on the National Register.

However, ATE recommends candidates have completed, or have Auslan skills equivalent to, PSP51018 - Diploma of Auslan. If you have not completed formal study to this level but can demonstrate skills equivalence, you can still apply.

ATE requires all candidates to attend a Screening Workshop day where they will be assessed on their language proficiency in both English and Auslan.

Students registering for the Screening Workshop will be requested to undertake a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test as part of the screening process prior to attending the workshop.

Due to ATE's limited class sizes, only candidates who receive an official invitation for enrolment after having attended the workshop will be able to enrol into one of the below-mentioned course offerings.

The Screening Workshop will include a variety of English, Auslan and group activities.

To register for the Screening Workshop, please see the registration information at the bottom of the page for each course offering.

Note: To better manage registration numbers, ATE recommends you register for the Screening Workshop day as relevant to the course offering of your choice. If you don't have a course offering preference, you are welcome to register for the workshop day of your choice. Where the number of registrations reached for a workshop day exceeds the number of available places, ATE will be in contact with the candidates to discuss an alternative. See below.

You can access the Enrolment Policy here or in the Student Handbook.



Two semesters - 40 weeks:

  • Term 1 – 10 weeks (6 hours per week (over 1 day or 2 nights)),
  • Term 2 – 10 weeks (6 hours per week (over 1 day or 2 nights)),
  • Term 3 – 10 weeks (6 hours per week (over 1 day or 2 nights)),
  • Term 4 – 10 weeks (6 hours per week (over 1 day or 2 nights)).

Students are also required to set aside some time every week for individual study, online learning, their own review of signs and information from class activities, research and preparation of assessments, and community contact.

Students will also be required to attend a maximum of four (4) full weekend workshops.



  • Blended (combination of face-to-face in classroom and online assessments).


Required material and equipment

  • Portable device with reliable internet connection
  • Filming device (webcam, handheld camera or smartphone)
  • Word processing and presentation software(s) (to make presentations or complete assessments)
  • PDF reader (download for free here)
  • Youtube account (to upload videos)
  • Access to Zoom (this is a requirement)
  • Access to Moodle (instructions will be provided prior to the commencement of the course)
  • Access to printer and scanner (if you are not familiar with document editing)
  • Headphones, pen and notepad (if required)

Note: For blended courses, laptops are preferred rather than phones or tablets and hotspotting from your phone may be required. 


support services

ATE will also facilitate the application process to the Skills Disability Support service for students with disability who wish to receive flexible training support throughout the course.

ATE may also make reasonable adjustments to accommodate students with disability, where possible. The adjustment made will be determined on a case-by-case basis after assessment of the individual need(s) of the student.

You can access the Support Services Policy here or in the Student Handbook.




  • BSBREL402 - Build client relationships and business networks
  • BDBSIV301 - Work effectively with diversity
  • PSPTIS001 - Apply codes and standards to ethical practice
  • PSPTIS002 - Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments
  • PSPTIS003 - Prepare to translate and interpret
  • PSPTIS040 - Interpret in general dialogue settings (LOTE-English)
  • PSPTIS041 - Interpret in general monologue settings (LOTE-English)
  • PSPTIS042 - Manage discourses in general settings
  • PSPTIS043 - Use routine subject area terminology in interpreting (LOTE-English)
  • PSPTIS044 - Demonstrate routine LOTE proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
  • PSPTIS045 - Demonstrate routine English proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
  • PSPTIS046 - Use routine education terminology in interpreting (LOTE-English)

More information about this qualification and its units can be found here.



On successful completion of the course, you should be able to apply for the NAATI Certification Test, which is a prerequisite for most employers in the industry.

Your enrolment in the course does not guarantee that you will successfully complete or that you will obtain a particular employment outcome where it is outside of ATE's control.

Students must have successfully completed all units in order to be issued with an NRT_logo.jpgAQF [Australian Qualifications Framework] certification documentation for PSP50916 – Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English).


Course offerings

  • Blended Courses in Brisbane
  • Starts: 27th January 2021
  • 40 Weeks (Excluding School and Public Holidays)
  • Day and Night Courses Available 


Salisbury - The Construction Training Centre, 460-492 Beaudesert Road, Salisbury, QLD, 4107

  • Tuesdays: 9.00am to 3.00pm (day classes) - Commencing 2nd February 2021.

You can view the Program Factsheet for this offering here.

Screening Workshop Registration

In an effort to efficiently coordinate the Screening Workshops and provide prospective students an opportunity to meet their future trainer/assessors, ATE encourages the candidates who are interested in this offering to register for this Screening Workshop:

  • Saturday, 5th of December 2020 (9.00am to 5.00pm) - Our Lady's College, 15 Chester Road, Annerley, QLD, 4103.

To register for this Screening Workshop, click the button below and email the following information to

  • Your full name,
  • Your best contact details,
  • The course offering(s) you would be interesting in enrolling into should you be successful,
  • Whether you are currently completing or have previously completed the Diploma of Auslan with ATE, or your experience with Auslan.

Your registration will not be valid until you receive a confirmation from ATE.

Registrations are now closed.


if you have any queries, YOU CAN CALL US ON 07 3892 8539.


Alternatively, you can email us at:

‚Äč for all enrolment-related queries, or for all other queries.



Access Training & Education RTO#41192

    • Duration & Delivery 40 weeks
    • Type Diploma Course
    • Prerequisite See Entry Requirements
    • Fees $5,500.00