Auslan Connections provide access to Auslan interpreters in after-hours emergency situations, involving police and hospitals. The service ensures that members of the Deaf and hard of hearing community have equal access when communication is needed most.

This service is tailored specifically to the needs of the client and our interpreters care and professionalism can help take the stress out of emergency situations.

The After-hours number in Queensland is: 0455 068 500

After-hours services are available: 6pm – 8am weekdays, weekends and public holidays. All bookings received outside of business hours and requiring interpreting services prior to the next day of business are considered an emergency after-hours booking.

It is the responsibility of the organisation making the booking to pay for this service, it must not be passed on to the individual.

If you have any queries regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact Auslan Connections directly on 1300 010 877 or in an emergency call 0455 068 500.