We have a strong focus on the development of life skills including training and support in social skills. This service aims to increase social and community participation and helps our participants live as autonomously as possible.

Lifestyle Support Services (LSS) provides participants with access to one-on-one support in Auslan, allowing participants to learn and develop the skills and confidence to live independent lives.

By supporting participants using their primary language, we aim to reduce the requirement for Auslan interpreters in situations where they may not be needed and reduce the strain on our participant's interpreting packages.

LSS offers both one-on-one skill development support and structured Life Skill Development Programs in small group settings.

The Life Skill Development Program includes capacity-building opportunities in the following areas:

  • Home and personal safety
  • Basic cooking
  • Budgeting
  • Basic Household chores
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Social Skills
  • Relationships
  • Public Transportation

For NDIS Participants

If you are currently approved for an NDIS package you may be eligible for life skills development (capacity building) support from Lifestyle Support Services.

Our core supports for NDIS Participants include:

  • Assistance with self-care activities
  • Individual social skills development
  • Individual skills development and training, including public transport training and support
  • Innovative community participation
  • Individual skills development and training
  • Assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgeting; and,
  • Community participation activities.