Auslan Translations provide the Deaf community with access to information in their first language, Auslan. The process involves the translation of written English text to Auslan, in video format.

Deaf Services Queensland is a leading provider of high quality, technically appropriate Auslan Translations. This service meets national guidelines and ensures that external services and information can be accessed by the Deaf community, in Auslan.

Our Auslan Translation service can:

  • Translate your printed content into Auslan
  • Add an Auslan Presenter to your spoken-English video
  • Make your website 'Deaf-friendly'
  • Include captioning on your accessible video

All videos can be created in a style that suits your organisation.

This is a fee for service and all funds received are reinvested into programs and services that benefit the community.

To find out more about Auslan Translations please email us at