The Indigenous Communication Program aims to support Deaf or hard of hearing Indigenous youth learn language and improve education outcomes.

It is available to families with children from 0 to 18 years who live in the Cairns and Lockhart River regions.

We can help you:
+ Be more involved in the community
+ Connect with other Deaf Indigenous people
+ Access health information and resources
+ Maintain your culture
+ Participate in community events and activities
+ Develop language skills in the home and out in the world

The program can also support students to do better in school:
+ Connect with Deaf mentors and role models
+ Teaching the importance of school
+ Prompt you to go to school
+ Develop language skills through community engagement

It is important that our Deaf Indigenous young ones learn language through engaging with others in different settings and by being more involved in the community.

This can help improve communication and life skills and lead to greater opportunities after school for these students.

If you live in the Cairns region or Lockhart River community, contact Sue Frank:
P 0436 370 850 (SMS Only)

Indigenous Communication Program Referral Form

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Indigenous Communication Program Service Brochure

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